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On China

There are many media (both Western and Chinese) that are useful for obtaining information on China’s polity, economy and society.

The following are my favourite ones that I suggest for people who do not read Chinese.

These sites, taken together provide factual information that is most of the time accurate and reliable. Of course, their interpretation of facts is often biased by their perspective, as well as by policy and ideological options. Therefore, the following list provides a wide variety (far from being complete) of points of view, from the Right to the Left spectrum.

Amongst the economic press, the strongest defenders of capitalism are
More critical sites, but within the mainstream of capitalism
Critical sites from the Left
Other Western sites
The official Chinese sites also provide useful information, even if they are under control by the Chinese leadership
Other Chinese sites
International Organizations
All the above-mentioned sites provide also information and analysis on the current financial and economic crisis.

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