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2008 - What's new


October-November 2008, Beijing-Shanghai

Prof. Urio was again invited to Tsinghua University ( Beijing ), Renmin University ( Beijing ) and to the China Executive Academy Pudong – CELAP ( Shanghai ).

At the School of Public Policy and Management of Tsinghua University ( Prof. Urio discussed with professors Hu Angang and Yang Yongheng the final version of the research report on Public Private Partnerships in China , Poland , Russia and Ukraine to which Tsinghua contributed with a research on PPPs on China . The final version of Urio's book on the reforms process in China was also discussed with several Tsinghua professors.. It has been planned to translate the two books into Chinese.

At the School of Public Administration of Renmin University ( Prof. Urio discussed different cooperation projects with Dean Dong Keyong, Prof. Wang Hufeng, and Dr Jia Hongbo :

  • It was decided to organize a one-day seminar on Health systems on July 16, after the end of the 7th World Health Congress to be held in Beijing (July 12-15). Chinese and Western experts will be invited to give conferences, to an audience of Chinese experts and graduate students.
  • The preparation of the 2-sweek seminar for Chinese managers of hospitals has been further developed and discussed with the objective of organizing it in Switzerland in the autumn of 2009.
  • Finally the cooperation with Prof. Domenighetti ( Univ. of Southern Switzerland ) on access to health care in China and Western countries has been further developed with the aim of interviewing a panel of Chinese respondents in the Guangzhou area. A representative sample of Chinese people will be interviewed at regular intervals for the purpose of identifying changes in behaviour following the implementation of the new Chinese health system. Dr. Jia Hongbo has been given the responsibility to conduct this research under the supervision of Prof. Wamg Hufeng.

At Renmin University Prof. Urio was invited to give a conference of the success and failure factors for Public Private Partnerships in transition countries to an audience of professors, researchers and graduate students of the School of Public Administration.

Between October 22 and 25 Prof, Prof. Urio visited again the China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong (CELAP) in Shanghai ( where he further discussed cooperation projects to be realised during 2009, and gave a conference on Pubic Private Partnership to an audience of high officials from different ministries of the central Government.

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September 2008, Lugano

Mr Liu Dehao, PhD student of Renmin University , Beijing , completed his academic year at USI ( University of Southern Switzerland in Lugano) under the supervision of Prof. Paolo Urio. He had the opportunity to meet Swiss professors specialized in social policies, being the main topic of his PhD research, and to get acquainted with the European social security systems. While in Lugano he contributed to Prof. Urio's book on the reform process in China with a substantial paper on the reforms of the Chinese social security system. Mr Dehao is due to defend his thesis at the beginning of next year.

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February 27, 2008, Geneva

Prof. Urio has given a conference at the University of Geneva on “ The reform of public administration in China: between strategic management and politics" within the adult education programme on “ Contemporary China: between yesterday and tomorrow” organized by Prof. Nicolas Zufferey, professor of Chinese language and Civilisation at the University of Geneva.

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