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As Covid-19 has not been mastered yet, this year again I was not able to visit China and stayed most of the time confined in my home. However, the positive consequence is that I was at last able to finish my latest book and have it published in the US.

It is now available in paperback and in e-book from the American publisher, Clarity Press:

or from Amazon as an e-book immediately, and in paperback at the end of January 2022.

Here is a brief description by Clarity Press:

The US has historically disguised the true nature of its relations with nations that stood in the way of its ambitions. Reversing the order of cause and effect, it has projected fear of harm from other nations even as it was expanding its dominion over them. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, which was so feared that the American people could even be told they would be “better dead than Red”, the US rejoiced in the belief that the world was at last under its uncontested leadership, celebrating Francis Fukuyama’s then acclaimed book The End of History, and proclaiming, perhaps even believing, that it alone can assure peace, stability and prosperity in the international system.

However, at the beginning of the 21st century, a formidable new competitor emerged: China. Now we hear the fear-stoked mantra, “The Chinese are coming…!” But is China really a threat to the US, or just to its sole superpower status?

This book debunks, among others, the myth of the universality of US values and the myth of the imperial, dictatorial and state capitalist character of today’s China. It explains the division between the US and China through an analysis of their ideologies going back to the foundation of the US Republic and the time of the Chinese Empire.

China’s significant military and economic advances are addressed, along with its new investments and One Belt, One Road Initiative.

For the detailed Content and an Excerpt see:

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