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I published several texts on Facebook concerning the Ukrainian crisis between March 5 to March 29. Then I gave up trying to explain the real causes of the war, given the unbelievable Western propaganda diffused by mainstream politicians, journalists and think tanks. History will one day (in a not-too-distant future) show what independent and serious analysis has showed since the beginning of the crisis, and even before, if in you take into consideration analyses made by renowned scholars such as J. Mearsheimer and J. Sachs. Other real experts who dared publicly express themselves showed that Ukraine and NATO were not in a position to win the war against Russia. So, what was the rationale of Russia’s intervention in Ukraine?

My book ‘America and the China Threat’ (published before the outburst of the Ukrainian crisis, updated to August 31 2021) that analyses the ideological origins of the US foreign policy as well as its persistence over time until today, had already posed the basis for understanding the real causes of the Ukrainian crisis and the objectives of the US foreign policy in Ukraine.

Finally, I sent an update of that book to the publisher (Clarity Press) including the development of the Ukrainian crisis, updated to March 31, 2023. It Shows the accelerating effect of the Ukrainian crisis toward the end of the world America made and the (very likely unstoppable) development of the multi-polar world under the leadership of the strategic partnership of China-Russia and the BRICS. Clarity has posted on their Facebook site several passages of this update.

You will find the complete version of this update here.

Coming back to my Springer 2019 book (China 1949-2019, From Poverty to World Power) the publisher had the excellent idea to publish in German some of its books published originally in English, using automatic translation. After checking a sample, and after submitting to two reviewers of German mother tongue, I decided to accept. The automatic translation will be checked by a young scholar, majoring in international relations and of German mother tongue.

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