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2002 - What's new


December 9, 2002, Beijing

The second round of "TOT Followup"of this year is being held this week (9-13 December)in Beijing. One of the training experts from the CMPS-London, Mrs Julia Hockey, has arrived in CTCSPMO-Beijing last weekend to run this training session beginning from today. Two topics will be introduced in this session according to the participants expectations, one is "Trainers and Training Managers as Change Agents", the other topic is "Story Telling for Trainers". The TOT Followup training programme is designed for the former participants of the "Training of Trainers"(TOT) of the Sino-Swiss programme to have a periodical knowledge update.

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November 21, 2002, Paris-Geneva

Qinghai Extended Programme - European Training Session (1st group)

A three-day joint training workshop, organised by ECMI-Geneva and the Division of Technology, Industry & Economics of United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP), has closed this afternoon in the UNEP's Paris office. This workshop is an important part of the 18-day European study tour (mainly in Switzerland and France), tailor-made for the 1st group of Qinghai Extended Programme according to their training objectives and selected topics.

Composed of 24 government cadres from Qinghai province (also see the name list of the 1st Qinghai Group), this group is specialised in "Environment Protection and Tourism Development". As the year 2002 has been designated the International Year of Ecotourism, the visit of the training group has widely attracted attentions and interests from different societies. The goup arrived in Switzerland on November 11, 2002, and has visited several natural reserves, protected areas in the Alps, and met local authorities in charge of tourism promotion and landscape planning, international NGOs, as well as private tour and hotel companies and professional consultants.

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November 4, 2002, the WTO training sessions in Xi'an and Chongqing

A WTO counsellor, Mr. Michael Finger, went to China under one of ECMI's training programmes - "Experts" Visit To The Provinces" for the WTO issues training in Xi'an (24-25 October) and Chonqing(28-30 October). The themes covered are:

  1. China's integration in the world economy, the trade and investment developments in the past and prospects.
  2. China's trade liberalization and structural changes in its economy.
  3. Benefits and challenges of China's WTO accession.
  4. Transparency of the trade regime and legislative reform in China, repercussions by the transparency requirements for WTO members.
  5. Trade liberalization and "Adjustment Costs



The visit seminars of Mr Finger has strongly interested the local audience of the two western-China cities, hundreds of civil servants, party cadres, public administration school trainers, as well as SOE managers have attended the training. According to our information, the training demands of the WTO topics in China are still rising in different levels of government and economic sectors.

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October 18, 2002, Geneva

The TOT -II (Training Of Trainer) European training session is coming to the end after two months intensive courses, coaching and company-visitings. 24 Chinese trainers (see the list of participants) have spent 6 weeks for training in Switzerland and one week in France and one in England. They are now preparing for their return to China after the wrap-up session and debriefing in Geneva next week.

HRM at Nestlé

Coaching at Holcim

IMD: managing training institution

Group Photo at Rive Reine Training Centre

Farewell cocktail at L'ENA, France

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10 September 2002, Hohhot city

Under the programme of "Experts" Visit To The Provinces", a former Swiss diplomat to the OECD, Mr. Jean-Deniel Clavel, had been sent to one of China's north ethnic minority's region-- Inner Mongolia, to deliver a four-day visiting seminar on the issues of globalisation and government's function change. Mr Clavel has introduced the recent global economic development, by answering the questions of local audience and giving exemples of other countries' experience, he had broadly exchanged ideas on China's transition and government reforms with local officials and researchers.

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15 August, 2002, Beijing - Geneva

This year's first round of "TOT Follow-up" programme has been successfully completed from August 5 to 9, 2002 in China. The 5-day training course was co-organised by ECMI in Geneva and CTCSPMO in Beijing and has taken place in the Guizhou Administration School in Guiyang. The Chinese participants were quite satisfied with the content and the quantity of information provided by the seminar. Taught by Mr Jacques Colin, a senior manager from LVMH company in Paris, the seminar was titled by "Talent Strategy and HR Development in the Context of Globalisation". The second round of "TOT-Followup" of this year is now under preparartion and will take place at the beginning of December in China.

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14 June, 2002, Geneva

The Qinghai Extended Programme started this year with an opening ceremony in the Province's capital city -Xining on May 13, 2002, in which Mr. Dannecker, the vice director of the SDC participated on behalf of the Swiss government. This programme is a continuation of training in the western Chinese provinces after the Gansu Extended Programme.

The first topic to be treated by the Qinghai Programme is Eco'Tourism. This new and exciting topic is at the heart of the needs of this province. Here is a list of the subjects that will be covered by our experts travelling to Quinghai :

  1. Eco-tourism Development
  2. Development (Construction) and Management of Eco-tourism scenic spots
  3. Study Methods of Tourism Environmental Capacity
  4. Environmental Management of National Parks and Natural Preservation Areas
  5. Evaluation System of Ecological Environment Quality
  6. Human Resources Development in Tourism Industry
  7. Planning, Construction and Management of Tourism Cities
  8. Planning and Development of Tourism Spots
  9. Design of Tourism Image and Brand and Publicity of Tourism

The first expert to travel to China is Mrs. Stuppaeck from the Tourism University in Rapperswill Switzerland. She has given a three-day seminar on Eco-Tourism Planification from the 10th to the 12th of June, 2002.

A view of Ta-er Monastery, near Xi-ning, the capital city of Qinghai province

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June 1, 2002, Geneva

The Swiss Team's visit to Qinghai and Shaanxi, Sino-Swiss Management Training Programme

In order to assure the success of the Qinghai Extended programme on Eco-tourism and sustainable development, an official visit to Qinghai province for Swiss Team was organized from 2nd to 6th April 2002.

During this visit, they met some senior officials of the provincial government who are in charge of the ecotourism development in the region. These meetings provided a good opportunity for mutual understanding between Swiss Team and Qinghai province, in view of better defining the content of each workshop, which will take place later in the Province.

Qinghai is one of the least developed provinces in China. the Province, locating on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, hinterland of West China, is a multi-ethnic area with deep religious influence. The main ethnic groups inhabiting there are Tibetan, Hui, Tu, Sala and Mongolian. The Swiss project team of Sino-Swiss training programme were also invited to pay a visit to protect areas, like the Qinghai Lake and the Bird Island, to better understand the potentials for developing tourism in these regions.

A meeting with former participants in the province was organized as well in order to have further feedback on their learning experience within the programme.

From 6th to 9th April, the Swiss Team was also invited by Shannxi provincial government to hold further discussion about the training content of the TOT Follow Up programme to be organized for the province later this year. At this occasion, the former participants attended to the meeting as well.


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May 29, 2002, Sunningdale, UK

Signature of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Civil Service College

ECMI President, Prof. Paolo Urio just signed a Memorandum of Understanding today with Mr Eward Wooldridge, Director of the Civil Service College, the Centre for Management and Policy Studies(CMPS) in Sunningdale, UK. The ceremony was held during the seminar organised at the College for the 9th Senior Executive group of the Sino-Swiss Management Training Programme organised by the Foundation. The group was composed of 21 senior Chinese civil servants in charge of drafting the new Chinese Civil Service Code under the leadership of Mr Faxiong Wang, Director of the Policy and Regulation Research Bureau, Organisation Department of Central Communist Party in China.

Every year, the seminar was hosted by Mr. Geoffrey Morgan, former senior civil servant of the Treasury, and later of the Cabinet Office of Mrs Margaret Thatcher.

The Civil Service College is formerly an independent executive agency, since 2000 the College has taken part in the Cabinet Office of the British Prime Minister. The College manages a huge programme of ad hoc seminars for British civil servants, and also has an international programme under the direction of Mr. Robert Behrens.

The aim of the Memorandum is "to declare an intention by both institutions to continue to address jointly, non-exclusively, where appropriate, and with trust and friendship, the need for capacity and institution building…"

This agreement is the natural outcome of five years of cooperation between the College and our Foundation, both for the Sino-Swiss Programme (currently in progress) and the Swiss-Vietnamese Programme (1999-2001). Several experts of the Civil Service College have given seminars both at the Sunningdale Campus and in Beijing for the Chinese trainees. The director of the College International Programme, Mr. Robert Behrens, who has participated many times the Sino-Swiss training at the College, this year will give a one-week seminar in Beijing for the second TOT group.

Both institutions look forward to the further development of their cooperation in Europe and China.

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May 28, 2002, Geneva

The 9th Senior Executive(SE9) training of Sino-Swiss programme is taking place in Europe, the group, composed of 18 participants and 3 working staffs, has just finished the Swiss training session in Bern and Geneva, it now continue their seminars in the civil service college of the UK. Different from former SE trainings, this group has a strong researching capacity, their studies focus on a specific subject--the civil service code, most of the participants of the group are working for drafting a new civil servants' law in China. After the UK session, the group will go to Paris for the French session next week, when the workshops will take place at l'ENA, Ministry of Interior and other public institutions.




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May 6, 2002, Geneva

Under the help of ECMI foundation, a Chinese journalist Jack Pan has interviewed Mr Pierre Muller, one of the 5 members of the Geneva city government last Friday, May 3, 2002. Mr. Jack Pan is a TV program anchor of the PhoenixTV, a very popular Chinese television station based in HongKong whose principal audience is on the mainland China. Mr. Jack Pan made his one-week trip in Switzerland for meeting some important political figures, in Geneva he also interviewed Mr. Mike Moore, the Director-General of WTO, and in Bern one of the Swiss State Secretaries, Mr Syz.


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April 22, 2002, Geneva

The opening ceremony for the second TOT (Training of Trainers) programme under the framework of the Sino-Swiss Management Training Programme was held on last Monday (Apr 15, 2002) in China Training Centre for Senior Personnel Management Officials (CTCSPMO) in Beijing. A total of 21 professional trainers coming from Chinese governmental training institutions at both the central and provincial levels are participating this years TOT programme, which will last for six months, with courses taking place in both China and Europe. Professor Zimmermann from AIT was sent to Beijing for teaching the first session in General Management last week.

The objective of TOT programme is to promote knowledge about modern training methodologies and modern organisation developement & human resource management. The first TOT programme was conducted during the summer and autumn of 1999, which had 22 participants.



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March 16, 2002, Beijing China

The two-week study tour to Beijing of a group of MPA (DESMAP) students from University of Geneva (from March 3 to 17, 2002 ), designed and realised by ECMI, has achieved a great success. During their stay in Beijing, several seminars and exchange workshops under different subjects were organised respectively by China National School of Administration (CNSA), China Training Centre for Senior Personnel Management Officials( CTCSPMO), Ministry of Labour & Social Security(MoLSS), Ministry of Science & Technology(MOST), and Beijing Normal University(BNU). Their research topics have covered the whole process of China's reform in the public sector as well as some specific public administration areas such as China's social security system reform, and China's science & technology development policies, etc… During the second week of their stay in Beijing, ECMI had also organised some typical cultural activities and sightseeing for the students. They were also received by the Swiss ambassador, Mr Dreyer, at the Swiss Embassy in Beijing.

This was the first experience for ECMI to organise European university students visiting China, different from ECMI's other programmes which were mainly designed for training Chinese managers in Europe, it also showed the potential of using ECMI's network resources and training capacities for various exchange activities between China and Switzerland as well as other European countries.






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