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Octobre 2014

This year my visit to China has been shorter than in the past, and therefore I had to cancel my visits to the Swiss Embassy in Beijing and to CELAP (China Executive Leardership Academy Pudong, Shanghai) where I was invited to give a conference on Public-Private Partnerships. Nevertheless, I was able to have several interesting meetings with professors Hu Angang (Tsinghua School of Public Policy and Management), Liu Qiushi (Research Center on NGOs, Tsinghua University), and Qin Ruimin (Renmin University).

In Chongqing I had meetings with Prof. Su Wei and gave a conference at the Chongqing Party School on the topic of the China dream.

I also had meetings at the Chongqing Law and Political Science University with Prof. Guo Xiaoke and the Vice-dean of the Public Management School (Prof. Zou Dongsheng) where I gave a conference on Public-Private Partnerships and their relevance for China.

While in Chongqing I was able to visit the cargo railway station of the railway between Chongqing and Germany (See photos below).

The article I was asked last year by Prof. Su Wei to write on the topic of China Dream has been published in Chinese : "Shèhuì biàngé yǔ zhōngguó mèng" (Social change and China Dream), Tànsuǒ (Probe), Chongqing, 15 October 2014, pp. 173-181 (translated from the original English version by Ms Zhang Junling), available at

The English version is available at

Photos of the railway cargo station Chongqing-Germany

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With the students of the Law and Political Science Univ. Chongqing

Conference at the Chongqing Party School

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September 2014

The manuscript on China’s NGO I wrote with my former assistant, Yuan Ying, has been published in French under the title: L’émergence des ONG en Chine. Le changement du rôle de l’Etat-Parti, Bern and New York,2014 (

On September 8, my Chinese assistant, Chen Yali (see "What’s New 2012") defended with success her Master thesis at Geneva University (“Confucianisme et Démocratie Libérale: une étude comparative”).

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June 2014

Several pages of my book China, the West and the Myth of New Public Management have been translated in Chinese and published in China: “Zěnyàng héngliáng xīn gōnggòng guǎnlǐ duì shèhuì dài de yǐngxiǎng ?” (How to measure the impact of New Public Management on society?), Tansuo (Probe), Chongqing, No. 2, 2014, pp.182-186

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April 2014

I met my preferred Chinese painter, Shi Zhong Gui, at the Art gallery "L'Ancre Bleu" in the village of Bernex (near Geneva) where I live. Shi Zhong Gui "studied traditional Chinese painting at the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts. At this time he was also writing poetry and published a number of books. In 1994 the Sichuan Museum nominated Shi Zhonggui as one of its official artists and in 1996 he was appointed Professor at the College of Arts at Sichuan University. Since 1999, when he had his first exhibitions in Paris and Geneva, Shi Zhonggui’s work has also been well received in Europe. In 2000 he was made a Member of the Academie des Arts-Sciences-Lettres de France and won the 2000 Grande Médaille de Vermeil, the first Chinese artist ever to win this award." (

See a short video presenting some of Shi Zhong Gui painting on You Tube:

Meeting with Painter Shi Zhong Gui

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