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2005 - What's new


October 7 – December 6, 2005, Beijing

Prof. Paolo Urio was invited by Prof. HU Angang, Director of the China Research Centre, to spend 2 months at the School of Public Policy and Management, where he met several professors and researchers for the purpose of collecting material and information for the book he is preparing on the reform process in China.

During Prof. Urio stay, it has been decided that a team under the responsibility of Prof. Hu, and directed by Dr. YANG Yongheng, Assistant professor, will cooperate with Prof. Urio for the research project on Public-Private Partnership (see October 4, 2005).

On November 7 Prof. Urio gave a conference on “Frontiers of Public Management: New Public Management in the West and its Impact on Human Resource Management” to a group of Chinese civil servants within the course of Prof. CHENG Wenhao, Director of the Anti-corruption and governance research centre.

Prof. Urio also visited the School of Public Administration at the Renmin University , where he met Prof. WANG Hufeng for the purpose of further discussing the collaboration between the School and the University of Southern Switzerland (Università della Svizzera Italiana) in Lugano.


Prof. Wang Hufeng with Prof.Urio's assistant Ms Yuan Ying at Renmin University

On October 10 Prof. and Mrs Urio, were introduced to Haier company by Prof. and Mrs Hu Angang, and were given a dinner by Mr. ZHANG Rui Min, CEO of Haier, Ms. YANG Mian Mian, Executive Vice Chairman, and Ms. SU Fangwen. They also visited Haier headquarters and the Haier University .

From left: Mrs Zhao Yining. Prof. Hu Angang, Prof. Paolo Urio, Mr Zhang, CEO of Haier,
Ms. YANG Mian Mian, Executive Vice Chairman, Mrs Madeleine Urio, Ms Yuan Ying

Prof. Hu and Urio at Haier Headquarters

Slogans at Haier University


During his stay in Beijing , Prof. Urio established a new contact with Prof. XUE Jiancheng of the “Département de français” of the University of Foreign Languages in Beijing.

Prof. Urio also visited the National Commission for Development and Reform (NDRC), where he had a meeting about the present situation of Chinese economy with Prof. CHEN Dongqi (Director of the Institute of Economics ), Prof. LI Song, Prof. CHANG Zuo Chuan, and Dr WANG Yuan. On another occasion he also had a meeting with Prof. CHANG Xiu Ze, Director of the Economic Research Institute.

Prof. Chang Zuo Chuan, Prof. Chen Dongqi, Prof. Paolo Urio, Prof. Li Song and Ms Yuan Ying
at the State Commission for Reform and Development

Prof. Urio met Prof. ZHOU Yuan, Deputy Director-general of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Dr YANG Xiaochun, Division director at the Ministry of Personnel.

Finally, Prof. Urio had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Dante Martinelli, Swiss Ambassador in Beijing , and informed him of the various co-operations contacts and projects organised by our Foundation.

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October 4, 2005

Geneva International Academic Network (GIAN) informs Prof. Paolo Urio that the research project presented by him and his research team has been approved for funding of up to SFr 309'000. The research is a joint project between the RESOP (Centre for applied research in social and political sciences) and the United Nations, namely the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNICE) and the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR). The research topic: “ CREATING A NEW DYNAMIC FOR PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS FOR PEACEFUL AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Human Security and Equitable Access to Resources in Countries at the Pre-PPP Stage” and will cover China, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine.

Prof. Urio will act as project coordinator.

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July 1, 2005, Geneva - Lugano

During the past week, ECMI Foundation has welcomed the arrival in Switzerland of a delegation from Qinghai Administration Institute, China.

After a half-day introduction on the Geneva area and Switzerland as well as the University of Geneva made by Professor Paolo Urio and Ms Fang Wang, the delagation has attended a seminar at the HR Development and Taining Centre of the Geneva municipal government on Tuesday 28 June. Mr Jean Erhardt, Secretary General of the Geneva Municipality has welcomed the 7 delegates from Qinghai, Ms Anne Cifali, director for Development and Training had explained the work and functions of the staff training as well as the related legal structure in Geneva.

After staying three days in Geneva, Mr. Gao Zhao Ping, the delegation leader and his group had visited the University of Southern Switzerland in Lugano. Prof. Marco Meneguzzo, academic director of EMAP, Mr. Christian Vitta, executive director of EMAP, and Mr. Paolo Boscacci, director of the internal training of Ticino canton, have presented their respective training and education work at the University and the government.

Later during their visit in Lugano, the delegation was officially received by the Vice Mayor of Lugano, Mr. Erasmo Pelli, at the municipality. Ms Marianne Villaret, director of public relations and a few other municipal officials have attended the meeting with the Chinese delagation and the following cocktail held at the town hall building.

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March 26 to April 8, 2005, Beijing

Invited by Prof Hu Angang of Tsinghua University, Professor Urio, president of ECMI Foundation, director of the department of Political Sciences of University of Geneva, has paid a two-week visit in Beijing staying at Tsinghua University from 26 March to 8 April.

Prof Urio's trip to China is the continuation of the exchange made by the earlier visits of the two Chinese professors in Geneva at the end of last year and the beginning of this year.

During Prof Urio's visit in Tsinghua, he had talked on a conference held by Prof Hu in Tsinghua's Public Management Institute on "Western new publich management and its implications on China's public reform".

Prof. Urio giving a conference on New Public Management at the School of Public Policy and Management

Professores Cheng and Hu, Mrs Urio, and Prof. Cui

Tsinghua School of Public Policies and Management, after a discussion between Hu Angang, Cui Zhiyuan and Wang Hui

From left: Prof. Qi Ye, Prof. Xue Lan, Prof. Hu Angang, Prof. Paolo Urio, Prof. Cui Zhiyuan and Prof. Wang Hui

Professor Urio has also visited the Renmin University in Beijing, especially its School of Public Management, where he has met Prof Li Shaoguang and exchanged ideas with the main leadership of the faculty on the perspectives of future cooperation between Chinese and Swiss universities.

Left: Prof. Urio with prof. Li Shaoguang and Prof. Dong Keyong;
Right: Prof. Urio with Prof. Dong Keyong, Dean of the School of Public Administration

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January 18, 2005, Geneva and Lugano

Invited by Professor Urio, president of ECMI Foundation, director of the department of Political Sciences of University of Geneva, a prominent Chinese economist, Professor Hu Angang from Tsinghua University, is coming to Switzerland for academic exchange from 17 to 24 January.

Professor Hu Angang is one of the "think-tank" members for the Chinese central government. Beside teaching, he leads a number of important research programmes in the Centre for China Study in the prestigious Tsinghua University in Beijing.

During Prof Hu's stay in Switzerland, he has given a public conference on "China's Economic Growth in the 21st Century" on Monday in the University of Geneva, he has also talked about China's public reforms with students and the teaching faculty of the public administration programme. According to the schedule arranged by ECMI Foundation, Professor Hu will meet and exchange ideas with some health economists in the World Health Organisation(WHO) before going to visit the italian-Swiss university in Lugano.

Prof. Hu Angang (second from left) with Prof. Mauro Baranzini, Dean of the Faculty of Economics (first from left)
and colleagues of the University of Southern Switzerland in Lugano

Prof. Hu Angang and prof. Paolo Urio in Lugano

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